China, Iran, Annexation Top Pompeo’s Agenda in One-Day Visit to Israel 5/15/20

China, Iran, Annexation top Pompeo agenda in quick trip to Israel; and ‘Shelanu’ the controversy over Israel’s new Messianic cable channel; Plus Israel Rising – the miraculous rebirth of Israel; and beloved Israeli cartoonist explains ‘Dry …



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  1. Not sure I get it about the Christian radio station controversy. The people can choose whether they want to listen or not, in fact they have to turn it on to listen. Its not like they are being approached in anyway they just turn on the station or they dont, completely their choice. And for Israel not to give them that choice would be acting like a communist country. Now Israel you dont want to be communist and control your citizens do you ? I sure hope not. Ive always held you in high regard for being a freedom loving country.

  2. We will pray for the success of Shelanu or Shelanoh [do not know the spelling; but GOD knew them] or aka, GODTV ISRAEL, JEWISH CHRISTIANS; for increase CONVERSION of JEWS to be CHRISTIANS. THANKS BE TO GOD! GOD BLESS the JEWISH CHRISTIANS! Brothers, listen, that there is a HOLY TRINITY: GOD the Heavenly FATHER, Lord JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT, ISAIAH 48;16. And that, Lord JESUS is GOD. ISAIAH 48;17. JESUS as LORD, the MESSIAH, was explained in the Psalms and in the "TORAH": (1) The Messiah came as TRUE MAN WHO took DOMINIION over the EARTH! GENESIS 1;26 in the manner like of FOREVER PRIEST in the line of Melchizedek. Psalm 110;4. because, LORD JESUS is the PROPHET "AMONG" ["AMONG"] BRETHREN Who has SPOKEN ALL the WORDS of GOD. DEUTERONOMY 18;18. And though not one of ordinary man; but only of DIVINE Nature; yet, here on earth, HE is like or "similar" to a PRIEST in the ORDER of Melchizedek. Psalm 110;4. But, most of all; that as GOD; then, HIS KINGDOM will NOT DIE or that HE LIVES FOREVER. ISAIAH 9;6-7. And these counting MILLIONS of witnesses [The CATHOLICS and Christians] who had encountered Lord JESUS CHRIST when we were calling and asking for the MESSIAH?! "Sit until I make your enemies, YOUR ["YOUR"] footstool or followers" Psalm 110;1. /// Thus, Psalm 110;1 is translated this way: My LORD, the HEAVENLY FATHER said it to my LORD, JESUS CHRIST"… sit until I make YOUR ["YOUR"] enemies "THY" ["THY"] FOOTSTOOL! PSALM 110;1-4. [This Psalm, also talks about a WOMB; that MICAH clearly stated: from BETHLEHEM will come forth WHO will be the RULER of ISRAEL; Who is from OLD [Ancient of Days] and from EVERLASTING [DIVINE GOD in Nature]! MICAH 5;2. /// Ancient of Days written in the Summary of End Time Daniel 7; specifically, at Daniel 7;9-10'+13. ] /// And now you can see well that it is WRITTEN that there is the Heavenly FATHER and the LORD, JESUS CHRIST, HIS SON. With the Holy Spirit written in ISAIAH 48. Then, the THREE are the MOST HOLY TRINITY. ISAIAH 48;16. /// Please JEWISH BROTHERS when you hear this; harden not your hearts anymore; because, LORD JESUS is COMING FAST! Love your enemies; BUT, IF you insist to be stubborn; then, HE will hide. Daniel 9;26-27. PREPARE to meet your GOD, O ISRAEL! AMOS 4;12. The Day of the LORD is DARKNESS. Amos 5;18. The LORD will cut those who do not heed HIM. ISAIAH 9;14. Should you choose our Lord JESUS CHRIST; then, the Blessing will come back. ISAIAH 14;1-2.

  3. We are watching Bible prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes. We keep watching especially focusing our eyes on Israel, God's prophetic timeclock, because we know God of the universe is coming back to Jerusalem to reign. The Bible tells us in Daniel 12:10 that only the wise will understand, the wicked will not understand.

    We are living in the last hour and God's signs of His coming judgment are everywhere. Heed God's warning through the signs seriously. God knows the end from the beginning, and He is concerned that we seek to understand His will as He unfolds His plan in human history.

    Start making things right with the Lord Jesus now. And always be rapture ready for the Lord Jesus before it's too late to escape the coming cataclysmic events described in Revelation chapters 6-18 that will end human history.

    Father in Heaven, it's not our will but Thy Will be done. Jesus is Lord! Come Lord Jesus, come quickly!

  4. It is absurd that the American Sec of State is going to a tiny nation with no nature resources, little strategic importance, and population smaller than the population of the Chicago metropolitan area. Why is this the focus of American foreign policy?

  5. The Mayor needs to understand that while many christians pour money into Israel, and politically support their right to self determine, and while they have a christian Nation – the US that politically and financially supports them, then they should allow christians the right to talk about a biblical Messiah with them.

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