Faith Nation: May 19, 2020

The Senate hears testimony on how pandemic relief money has been spent. We have the latest from Capitol Hill. Plus new reaction to the president’s announcement he’s taking the anti-malaria medicine as a preventative measure against COVID-19.And …

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  1. hong kong is a mile away from china..and everything is normal here…but we take it seriouly when going out wear a musk at all times,take hand senitizer always, eat healthy, exercise and spend as much time under the sun…thts why there is less people infected and died from the disease…I believe tht if the government shut everything down the more people will get infected and die…US must open up everything asap..they will no more deaths.

  2. Oh I am so grieved over losing Ravi Zacharias! I was praying for him and I hadn't heard that he had passed! He is with the Lord now and out of pain! Lord I ask in Jesus's mighty name that You grant Your peace and rest to his family now and please comfort them qith Your Presence! Thank You Lord! Amen and amen!

  3. It was a privilege to have known Ravi even when I never met him, I felt like he was a brother so close. As an Indian and hindu background, I have a huge regard for him. He taught us well, now we must carry on doing our best.

  4. Covid19 A Political Victory By Default

    "The First Thing Fires Burn is Freedom" Salvador Espriu. Of course the poet was speaking of 'Political Fires.' And what are the 3 Greatest Weapons on Earth? Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weaponry still reign as the top three weapons of mass destruction. Clearly Covid19 whether validated an act of deliberation or not has proved 2 Great Axioms of Logic. It has very deliberately Burned Away Freedoms in American States. It is an example of a Biological Weapon, albeit by military standards a "Misfire." It failed to take on the personification of the "Grim Reaper." Instead it is considered by many as a Fake Pandemic/Plague, not capable of being a Threat to Human Survival. Perhaps if sent by someones then the intent was not mass extermination but instead to destroy the great freedoms western civilization has enjoyed the last few centuries. If so then he/they have won-so far!

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