Trump Fine After Taking Hydroxychloroquine but Democrats and Media Are Having Fits

Trump Fine After Taking Hydroxychloroquine but Democrats and Media Are Having Fits

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  1. Traitor Trump (R – Impeached) loves getting his hydroxychloroquine. Every day, the Surgeon General brings him his pill.

    Sometimes, it's shaped like Barney, sometimes Fred or Wilma. Chewable, too!

  2. As a fan of CBN, I'm disappointed that CBN has not done it's homework on HCQ + Zinc. For instance, Dr. Zelenko has had only 2 deaths in over 1400 covid patients. And check out this Fox News interview with Doctor Ivette Lazano from Texas( @ I think many lives would be spared if CBN would interview Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Lazano.

  3. What could we expect from Nancy nothing except her pontificating something negative about President Trump. If he's been in contact with the virus, he must take a preventative, which is what quinine is. If Trump doesn't have the virus, then he CAN'T be treated for it, so no other drug would be necessary. But opportunist nancy has to make her snide remarks!

  4. All drugs have always had side effects. There is so much hypocrisy going on in the world right now.
    Hydroxylchloroquine has been here for decades and highly used across the world.These experts have never come out to express their distress about how DANGEROUS and FATAL HydroxylChloroquine is.
    So this drug has been killing the minority so far and it didn't even matter?
    Everything that concerns
    President Trump triggers the media all the time.
    May the Almighty God deliver us from the hands of this corrupt world.

  5. What will be "Highlarious" is it's a placebo …. NANCY! why don't take Bill Gates miracle dope and his children should have to take it. Plus your great-great-great- grandchildren should have to take it.

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