Will You Be Tracked by 'Big Brother' App? – House Bill 6666 Calls for Contact Tracing

House Bill 6666 Calls for Contact Tracing – Will You Be Tracked by ‘Big Brother’ App?

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  1. Good luck with that! If they think they are using my cell phone for that, they have another thing coming! I'll kill my phone first!

  2. It’s coming from the White House. They already plan to pass this bill and I bet 100% that POTUS Trump will sign HR 6666. It is coming from the top down! The bill was recently introduced and hasn’t even passed yet, and yet it’s already described at the White House as one of their steps to “open America again”. This is straight up coup against our liberties! It is happening not just in the uS. But globally. Folks, this isn’t temporary, this isn’t for a virus, or safety….this is permanent! Once we cross that bridge and allow this it will only grow bigger and bigger and we will lose all power to put it to a stop! The time to speak out and stand up is now! Actually that time was months ago if not years ago! This is our time! Stand together stick up for each other! DO NOT COMPLY! You know what? Our nation needs to repent, turn to God and pray! God have mercy on us! Jesus is the only way! Only he can save us! With him nothing is impossible.

  3. Our governor of IL has hired enough spies on everyone in our state. We do not need anymore spying on our every move which bill HR 6666 is going to be used for.
    If you want someone to spy you n your every move, just move to China, Russia or North Korea.
    I served in Vietnam War to fight for Freedom and Liberty. Now my Religious Freedom has been taken away long enough.
    It is time we stand up for our Constitutional rights. Down with dictatorship in USA

  4. So people are you getting the message? The world's God of Science is taking over and you are being forced to submit to it under the disguise of "Good Health for All."

  5. You think maybe it's time for our churches to open up and actually WAKE UP?! Get your pastor off the golf course and out of his fishing boat! Time for fasting and prayer! Seek God's Face!!

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