AFA Petitions to Get PBS to Drop LGBTQ 'Prideland' Series Hosted by Gay Activist

AFA Petitions to Get PBS to Drop LGBTQ ‘Prideland’ Series Hosted by Gay Activist



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  1. Thank you, AFA! I have written to PBS, joining in the fight to have them drop the "Prideland" programming. Without your warning, we would have not had the opportunity to make our voices heard.

  2. Good, I have nothing against LGBT people, but if I want to see pride, I'll go to the parade….take that stuff down. 👍…..honestly I think it WILL go away in the future, or at least taken down to ALOT less then it is now….. all it's doing is making people hate the gay community, and in fact they're making their sexual preference to Centerpoint, is an insult to the gay community, because they are basically using them for profit…. it's quite obvious people don't like this in their TV shows or this much representation in general so….. I suspect later down the road it will die down by a lot. Honestly the sooner the better 😊

  3. I have grown up in a southern baptist family. I am Gay, and I believe that there is nothing wrong and God still loves me. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it. Get your facts straight, pbs is funded by anonymous and organization funding, and yes a small part comes from tax payer’s dollars. Homosexuals and others that are part of the LGBTQ+ community have been repressed and mistreated and never treated like any other “normal” people. If you want, argue with me. I do not care what you say, I am happy, and I will be loved by others no matter what.

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