China Makes Communist Power Grab: 'The Rule of Law in Hong Kong Is Over'

China Makes Communist Power Grab: ‘The Rule of Law in Hong Kong Is Over’



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  1. People should pack up and leave Hong Kong and take as much as they can with them. History should tell you how to deal with tyrants….Burn everything leaving your enemy nothing.

  2. Hello, hello, end of hong kong? if this new law is not apply. 85%of hong Kong business is close because of America back protesters not from the pandemic. If Hongkonger is not happy in hong kong please go to America. Do you how much money America make from hong-kong,30 billion dollars per year.they don't have the ball's to do anything they just try to use hong Kong to get at China.

  3. And what will the nations of the world do? It is not up to just the United States. Large and small nations should stand up, and together DEMAND that China halt it’s illegal takeover of Hong Kong. China is a bully and respects no one.

  4. All living beings are requested to non cooperate with China & CCP. Non cooperation of Mahatma Gandhi will cripple China. Personal income, business & growth are not imp. than freedom of millions living in Tibet Hongkong Taiwan

  5. What power grab? The law is China's internal affair and none of any foreign country's business. For all those people objection of the law, are you going to commit crime or civil disobedience in the future under the democracy banner? As for the western countries, does China interfere with your country's affair? Does Donald Trump's America rule the world? How do you know majority of the HongKong people are not supporting the law? Threats of sanctions or other measures will mean nothing. HongKong is part of China and will always be. If you are not Chinese , one friendly word: "MIND YOUR OWN F BUSINESS". China has over 5,000 years history and survived many hardships either natural or man made (mostly man made). China will not going away or disappear anytime soon and that's a promise.

  6. Crazy and STUPID communist party in China, a self trouble-maker.  You have put more than 8,000 Hong Kong people in jail and now you want to put the rest into a BIGGER jail !??  REMEMBER: HK PEOPLE WILL NEVER GIVE UP OUR FREEDOM!!!  YES – WE WILL ALL GO OUT TO THE STREETS AGAIN… WE ALL WILL STAND UP, WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO ???

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