Netanyahu Stands Trial for Corruption in Historic, Dramatic Court Hearing

Netanyahu Stands Trial for Corruption in Historic, Dramatic Court Hearing



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  1. Lord let the TRUTH come forth!! We know the Prime Minister is not guilty of the accusations….. protect him and his family …..and cancel all the plots and plans of the enemy! We pray for the peace of Jerusalem….❤️🙏

  2. We pray for PM Netanyahu and that the accusers will fail and be exposed for their corruption! We pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem and God bless and protect Your people. Most of all open Israel's eyes to the true Messiah Yeshua! Amen!!!

  3. God is still in control and guiding Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and President Donald J. Trump USA.
    God be with Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu leader of Israel . He is being treated just like my President Donald J. Trump of USA being treated. Both leaders have done so much for both your people and your 2 lands through your guides.

  4. One of the charges against Netanyahu involves James Packer (Australia’s richest man).
    “The gifts from Packer to Netanyahu included champagne, tickets to a Mariah Carey concert (whom Packer was dating at the time) cigars and accommodation for Netanyahu’s son, Yair, at Packer-owned luxury properties.” Sydney Morning Herald: November 22, 2019
    So this is the corruption against Netanyahu, called case 1000.

  5. Notice all the masks Israel is on the forefront of surveillance of your life the Zionist will be in your life if you let them do what they plan. Israel is on the forefront of many invasive technological experiments.

  6. It was a major circus of vultures and hysterical reporters trying to pick bones.
    The TV media was absolutely ridiculous even when there was nothing to see or hear.
    Netanyahu won majority vote, the people chose while the media did their best to bring him down.
    All the leftists have left.

  7. Israel has been behind a good number of assassinations and terror attacks in the Middle East on one hand.  On the other hand by having full US support, her present government has given itself the right to act above all international mandates and agreed norms.

  8. I am praying for you multiple times throughout the day. You are a man of God. Hold on and be strong. If God is for you, Who can be against you? And, God brought you to this.. He WILL bring you through it.

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