California Ends Ban on In-Person Religious Services as One Church Takes Ban to US Supreme Court

California Ends Ban on In-Person Religious Services as One Church Takes Ban to US Supreme Court

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  1. The Death Rate overall is no different than other years , it is a managed crisis , an artificial pandemic. So all the deaths were "presumed" to be by the viral infection Covid 19. But they said their testing was faulty , 60 percent failure rate, and they just listed all Death Certificates of those with prognosis of Near Death by Complications , to be then listed on paper as deaths by Covid 19 without Scientific Proof, but by Public Policy. So then they hyped up the Flu, made the Dead List out of Elderly Nursing Home Residents, where Governor Cuomo hastened their deaths by intentionally putting sick and dying patients from the hospitals into the Nursing Homes to speed up the Death Rate. They committed murder for a Political Agenda of promoting a China Orientated Global Trade Policy , where Donald Trump pulled out and left China ruling the Planet.

  2. California, Oregon and Washington are all socialist/communist states at this moment. These governors are all destroying America with these lockdowns! IT IS TIME TO END IT PERIOD! 600 MDS SIGNED A PETITION SENT TO THE WH DEMANDING IT END BECAUSE OF THE PATIENT RISE IN SUICIDES AND MENTAL PROBLEMS THEY ARE SEEING EVERY DAY! END IT/NOW

  3. You talk about discrimination. Only 100 people, six feet apart. You have 100's, 1000's, 10's of thousands of members who will not be able to attend services. So you have to count 100 people, and the rest go home. Or you take reservations for the 1st 100. When you get through jumpin through all the Governments rules and regulations, what's the use. All those who are having Pentecost Sunday Service. What are they planning to do with all the people who show up. Defy the government regulations and pack them in the churches anyway? My biggest question? Have the Pastors got clear Instructions from the Head of the Church Jesus Christ. Is He giving His stamp of approval? Is this His Perfect Will? If we are one Body of Christ, then our leaders should be hearing the same instructions from the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. If not, then the Pastors and Leaders need to get together to get Father God's Instructions. A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; a man of understanding shall attain to wise counsels.

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