Who Checks Twitter's Biased Fact Checkers? Twitter Slaps 'Fact Check Warning' on Trump Tweets, Backl

Who Checks Twitter’s Biased Fact Checkers? Twitter Slaps ‘Fact Check Warning’ on Trump Tweets, Backlash Ensues

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  1. trump needs to be put in jail and given the death sentence he so greatly approves of. trump is AWall and costing American their lives! trump can’t shut down anything but he is hurting America big time. And he does not care about Americans, all trump cares about us his money and hotels etc.
    trump is also a leader of the kkk and funds the deep south’s kkk divisions! How are we the people letting this man get away with this! Please America wake up!!!!! He is the biggest racist bigot there is.

  2. Make of it what you will, but media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are bigger than Government now.
    The general public use them like a public service, like the telephone and telegram of old.
    And they..🤔 we.. have been fooled.

    At the same time, consider the thoughtful, incisive writings of Abraham Lincoln.
    And nowadays, you just have the tweets from Donald Trump.
    And lament.

  3. Trump could create his own business that is better than Twitter, if he chose to. After all he is a billionaire, and the President. Twitter should be happy someone like him uses their business still. I certainly would NOT!!

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