Faith Nation: May 28, 2020

From a Twitter fact check, to a presidential executive order. The latest on the president’s new move to target political bias on social media. Plus will the Republican national convention stay in North Carolina? Maybe not, according to the …

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  1. Facebook, youtube and google and twitter need to be broken down and brought down to reality and kneecapped for interfering with the rights of Americans and stifle the left wing influence on big tech and their horrendous vbiases towards real Americans.

  2. Check it. Dr. Berkland was Scarborough aide Lori Klausutis' coroner. Check 2012 CBS News on Dr. Berkland. Found in possession of human body parts. Also in 90's, he lost his medical license in two states for FALSIFYING REPORTS.

  3. God is a dictator, a loving one. The Bible says God choose all the authorities of the earth, and expect you to respect it. When you stand before God in the Lamb's book of life, God have no regard for your rights.

  4. I agree with all the garbage and get rid of a lot of Hollywood garbage on TV , I don't even watch , pretty stupid but we know the difference and know when to turn the instrument off ! A lot of wasted air time

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