Israel Bonds: On the Frontlines of Israel's Economic Battle During COVID-19

Israel Bonds: On the Frontlines of Israel’s Economic Battle During COVID-19

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  1. IF…If We The People, aka The Gov't
    summarily deemed the jobs of ALL all governors
    to be locked down, effective immediately.
    If WE dare to tell THEM…
    "No more of our hard earned taxpayer-supported, subsidized hefty welfare paychecks to you POTTYticians, until a cure is found!".
    Guess what would happen…?
    The withdrawal of their boot from upon the neck of small business nationwide and the UNLAWFUL edicts supporting the infringement of our GOD-given Rights would evaporate.
    This lockdown WILL CERTAINLY come to an end before you finish saying…
                   "Tomorrow" !
    This is a No-Brainer guarantee !!  
                Question is…
    Will we become the COURAGEOUS 💯Americans that make our ForeFathers proud, and stand up for Liberty 🙏 finally?
    Will we lay down and die under the tyranny of jealous governors, weeks short of our 244th birthday?
    The demon rats are actively attempting to do to the United States what the murderous cops did to George Floyd.

    Burn it all down?
    Use the Constitution
    as our Shield and Sword?

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