'Jesus Had Profound Impact on His Life': Friends of Black Man Killed by Police Share About His Faith

‘Jesus Had Profound Impact on His Life’: Friends of Black Man Killed by Police Share About His Faith, Ministry



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  1. Every officer who was their an saw what this man was going thru an did not help this man who was killed IS part of this crime He was cuffed an on the ground no need for that stupid officer to have is knee on is neck may GOD bring justice to those who showed no mercy !

  2. It’s fake racism by the Soros and company. They have their minions that they raised tortured and trained to be their soldiers of misfortune at China lake underground raised in a cage mk ultra cop did his programmed duty to push the race card now that the virus and the impeachment and the Russia thing didn’t fly – don’t be fooled people don’t be sleeping

  3. This so sad and so very traggic.
    This really hard to believe that
    A officer, who is sworn to uphold
    Peace could do such a horrible
    Act of killing another human being.
    It be interesting to know what is behind this action and I am afraid it
    Political. AGAIN!!!!
    WHO GAINS HERE— I think we all know!!!!
    But, so sad a precious life taken
    So tragically. So sad, so sad!!!

  4. I wish people would quit saying
    "Black man" because we are no
    Longer black, mexican american,
    White but rather we are all beloved
    By Jesus.
    Using racist words is only falling in
    With Satin, and today we all are "christian" not these racest terms.
    Jesus loves us and him who is in his
    Loving arms right now.

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