In 5-4 Decision, Supreme Court Dismisses California Church's Appeal to End Restrictions on Religious

In 5-4 Decision, Supreme Court Dismisses California Church’s Appeal to End Restrictions on Religious Services

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  1. NO ONE needs to fill out anything. That’s against the Constitution. There is NO realistic fear of spreading anything. The CDC has been quietly lowering the numbers and it’s down to .26 which is less than the %’s for the flue.

    Stop listening to satans minions and believing his deceit. You are NOT defective! God created you with an immune system to protect you. This man can take his luciferian attempts to undermine God’s church elsewhere. His Word says “where 2 or more are gathered there will I be in the midst of them” – but it does not say except in the case of CV.

    This is a blatant attempt to divide and conquer God’s Church. The only Q now is, are you going to let him?

  2. There we have it folks the us of America as we c it is over, when the scouts goes against our Lord, it has essentially saying they are on the side of satin on this subject I think we all know which 4 justices still are conservative Christian's and the 5 are satins deciples.

  3. I heard the virus hasvbeen here since October. So why now do we have to wear mask and stay and everything else . I will tell you they plan to bring the one world order . And currency ! It's so harmful to breathe carbon monoxide a long periods of time . And they trying to make our immune system weak . All that was the plan all along .

  4. Putting aside one's right to physically sit down in a building with other people on the weekend, this gentleman makes the good points about church group's assisting in the daily life of the community.
    Health care, food banks, etc.
    Church isn't just about a building.

    The other, terribly sad irony is that while officials are still talking to the churches about social distancing..
    Umm.. Have you looked outside the windows recently?
    I think that horse has bolted.

    Lord, have mercy.

  5. 151,600 people die each year. You don’t know when you will die. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Hell will be horrendous and without Jesus you will end up there even if you don’t believe it. John 3: 16.


    Antifa , looters , hate groups go out and DO RIOTES….. is ok ……
    for this part Is NO social distance …..
    SO WAS WATH? No more Virus now? They need to finish the dirty job ?????? Killing Destroy business … spear the virus ………
    only for church is STOP. Now this is DISCRIMINATION .

  7. The Church is led by the Holy Ghost and is alive. Salvation, healing and deliverance is within the Body of Christ. Please realize that the spirit of the anti christ has gone out in the world. Man cannot muzzle the Church. The Church knows the Truth and will oppose the schemes of the wicked. Be careful what you do and say about the Body of Christ. He died for the Church and continues to fight for it. Don’t fall into the hands of God.

  8. We are seeing the things that are happening around the globe happening because of apathy… too many lawlessness on every level, without accountability.

    I pray that all true believers who believes in the death and resurrection of Christ, who love the Creator YAH enough, that in ultimate faith, not bow to the image as faithful men of the Scripture as Shadrach, Yeshua,, Daniel, Meshach, and Abednego, Moses and many others demonstrated.

    So we all must pray for one another. Pray against wickednesd, and "speak out against injustice…" pray with intercessory prayers, supplications and all prayers & fasting in Christ Yeshua's name.

    Lord, please help me to be where You want me to be in Christ's name. Please help me to achieve all that that You want me to do, to do all that You told me to do. May You send out laborers into Your harvest. I pray according to Your will in Christ Yeshua's name. Amen.

  9. Many of us, even in very conservative churches, prefer to conduct church services online rather than forget Romans 13:1-7. Our building was used nearly daily M-Saturday for drug and alcohol group meetings. These folks do need our services; other members we just lonely. But I find that is true of many, many Americans. Government is not fighting against us; they are trying to save our lives. Your guests views are myopic and inconsistent with numerous Scriptural texts. As a lawyer-turned pastor/teacher, I was surprised it was a 5-4 vote, because the only Constitutional issue was whether government regulations were overly broad or wholly inconsistent in such a way that non-church entities faced lesser restrictions than churches. The actions of government are not against church just larger assemblies. We opened at first legal opportunity; yet, we still could not treat congregants as many local businesses did. We encouraged masks; many refuse. We did not keep them out of our assembly; hence, needy persons put worshipers at risk.

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