'Clinging to Old and Faulty Models': Was the Lockdown a Colossal Mistake?

‘Clinging to Old and Faulty Models’: Was the Lockdown a Colossal Mistake?

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  1. The commy lefties in the USA like Gates Fauci Birx . . . and the rest of the world followed their CCP dictators friends and shutted down the countries. CCP got what it wanted: the world economy in shambles!

  2. The Globalists and far Left in America did this on purpose to bring us down. Fauci is one of them. For many weeks I been saying Sweden did not close their economy and their death rate is no worst off then ours.
    Remember all the leftists Hollywood types stating they wanted our economy to fail to get at President Trump?
    See, if we fail he fails. Do web searches to find out but don’t use Google, they buried the info. Use DuckDuckGo search engine.
    These haters have money and don’t care if we suffer and lose our livelihoods!
    See for yourself. 🤬🤔🇺🇸

  3. Faith Believe Receive your cry is of wealth and money Financial support taken from you FICA score inhale breath you are unable to exhale life you breathe in FICA 540-829 Jesus walk so that you can see needs is stealing kill destroy you spiritually trouble time you are to praise him more but you don’t you cry

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