Dinesh D'Souza on the Evils of Socialism, and Why So Many Americans Now Embrace It

Dinesh D’Souza on the Evils of Socialism, and Why So Many Americans Now Embrace It

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  1. Leftists stole from voters and gave away to others at every turn. That is the blindness of Socialism.

    Scandinavian countries have much more infrastructure than America does, in the way of rail and roads. That makes a big difference, too.

  2. The problem in Five Eyes Nations is that the elite has destroyed capitalism. You live in feudalism. Working poor paying off mortgages for the rich. Just like on white farmers farms or in ancient Egypt . You building pyramid for pharaoh and he gives you shelter and food. The elite has destroyed the middle class why? Because GREED HAS POISONED THEIR SOULS. All for them nothing for anyone else. Big middle class made USA a superpower. No middle class= no superpower. Simple equation.

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