'A Good Use of Wonderful Technology': Gordon Robertson's Comments on the RFID Chip

‘A Good Use of Wonderful Technology’: Gordon Robertson’s Comments on the RFID Chip

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  1. There's no need to track who got the vaccine because we all have free choice and my medical history is strictly private so there is no fake news only idiots trying to push an agenda that is illegal and unconstitutional. The more I watch this channel the less I like it.

    How about you report the news and each individual can use their own discernment to decide what they think is fake, or not. Terrible ¨news story¨ what a joke of a news channel.

  2. Pharma has now got their propaganda in the Christian news. They know that we are NOT going to take this vaccine so I guess they paid off the Robertsons to push it to us. We see your tricks!

  3. Please do not support the globalist agenda. This was an obvious one Gordon…..People keep praying for our leaders. Dont give up on Gordon Robertson and others. Pray that their research and views be thorough to the truth.

  4. You have to see the globalist are encroaching on our freedoms little by little till we willfully or unknowingly surrender them. I come from a family of scientist and engineers. I love technology just as much as anyone but in the hands of globalist it is not for humankind's overall good and especially not the RFID technology. It's a step closer to the system of control they want. We need more oversight.

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