As Family Members Say Goodbye Their Fight Begins: 'We Want Justice for George'

As Family Members Say Goodbye Their Fight Begins: ‘We Want Justice for George’

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  1. Sad stuff men`s dark hearts pray that a move of Christ comes upon this city and all other for that matter Gary wayne book 600 pages non stop intell [ Genesis six conspiracy ] is a must read interviews on YT to and lastly Ole Al Sharpton all ways doing his thing not an objective look at the President`s actions

  2. That was a awful thing and I pray for the family, but there's no reason to burn our city's down, the cops were arrested and charged! We have to let our justice system work, we cannot have mob rules, believe me, my dad was murdered, nothing more I wanted was to personally hang him for what he did, but I had to abide by our laws and wait for a trial. Even though he got found guilty, it will never bring my dad back.. burning cities down will not bring this man back…

  3. Is anyone standing up for the women, the children? I see no protesters out on the street for them. And what about the homeless, the poverty stricken, those unfairly imprisoned etc etc etc. Not useful..nothing to see here. But if something is politically useful to the globalists…it'll be everywhere.
    At other times protests before lockdown all over the world were not reported by the mainstream media. But we know why that is.
    And all of a sudden corona forgotten, no distancing that would have a few days before have gotten you aggro from even your fellow human.
    I smell hypocrisy, deceit, manipulation. They have some other plan to follow this…just watch for it.

  4. CBN… I am surprised you are getting caught up in the leftist agenda!
    He was a felon who threatened a pregnant woman with a gun held at her unborn child!
    Knock it off!!!😡

  5. I'm sorry but anybody that gets news coverage like that will have a lot of people at their funeral 😔 sad but true. Everyone he knew and their families and total strangers will be there. That's not to say he didn't know a lot of people but you have to wonder that if he wasn't on the news if they couldn't have been bothered by going to a funeral 🤔🤷🥺 let's hope not, they shouldn't have tarnished his death and ruin their image with these riots and claims that are untrue or over exaggerated and sometimes quite the opposite of what they claim.

  6. CBN News start to consume drugs ? . . . this is not your original chemistry.
    Watch your step CBN News !!
    (Ref. 1 Kings 22 : 20 – 23)
    Looks like Mr. Sharpton acting as a politician ?

    May God bless USA; and you CBN News.

  7. "The protests were peaceful"? You need to be pathologically stupid to believe that. And pathologically corrupt to say it.

    Those weren't protests, those were brutally violent terrorist attacks.

    Not one single person has even suggested that justice shouldn't be done. The officers were arrested, charged and will remain in jail until their trial.

    What other kind of "justice" do you leftists want? Burning down more houses with children inside, and not letting firefighters through?

  8. What kind of people blame Trump for that cop killing that poor man? This is all being organized or orchestrated in order to bring in the NWO. CBN has been comprised. They even tried to make the chip in covid vaccines sound ok! Churches are still not fully open but mass protests and riots are ok so they can throw a second lock down at us. Wake up!!!

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