The Temple Mount in Israel’s Hands, 53 Years after Historic 6-Day War 6/5/20

The Temple Mount in Israel’s Hands – 53 years after the historic 6-Day War, will Israel annex parts of biblical Judea and Samaria gained in that war and known as the West Bank? and In Our Hands CBN’s Docudrama about the battle for Jerusalem.

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  1. Question what people will be waiting for the arrival of the Antichrist and which people will be waiting for Jesus Christ as their Messiah that's my question and who follows the people that wait for the Antichrist

  2. What god does the Israeli State really worship ? I know it's not the same God Christians worship because they deny Jesus Christ is the Son of God . To deny Jesus is to deny God the Father . So why do Preachers the media and politicians say we worship the same God because it's very obvious that is not true .

  3. When i read revelations as a young man i never thought I would be alive when it took place but here I am and it is unfolding right before my very eyes!!! So many things are taking place around the globe we are surely in end times, I dont know if I will still be breathing when Jesus returns but I hope & pray that i have done enough in my life to be raised again or be lofted up before the time of sorrow!! I pray everyday that people will find Jesus or turn back to him and repent!!

  4. Jesus is the only one who can give peace, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Apart from Jesus, there is no peace. If you need a piece of paper to sign for peace you will fall. It's not about the land it's about your relationship with Jesus. And you don't need a piece of paper for that.

  5. Remember one thing, when they shall say peace and safety then destruction will come upon you all. Remember Jesus is the only Peace you need. You all are the enemies of God, until you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Read John, 3:1-5. No other option but Jesus. Romans 10:9-10.

  6. You can sacrifice goats until the river Jordan runs red with blood, but it doesn't stop Palestinian children throwing stones at you. You'd think it would be easy if you were 'gods chosen people'. Palestinian children are raped in dungeons under Jerusalem… is that your 'glorious return' to the 'promised land'? Shameless godless pagans.

  7. As a nation from Bengal, I have nothing against Israel or Jews, I love seeing people preserving their language and culture, did the return to Israel came free? Did the British want anything back? I know the Pols was not the exact best friend considering the percentage of tax they wanted.

  8. Why would God's people put two inverted pyramids on their flag in remembrance of ancient Egypt and the Sphinx? Why would God's people put a pyramid inside Israel's Supreme Court building?

    The answer is they wouldn't. Somebody is lying about their identity they probably use fake names and everything while they hide behind the real Jews as a human shield.

    You could see the result of the Serpents poison in the interview where the two believers have no trust in God at all, don't come close to me is what they've been commanded until you get your vaccine. Stupid people you don't need a vaccine you need anti-venom.

  9. And eventually, God's words will indeed come true… just a matter of time when the world will be revealed of the outcome of this misguided triumph you have called biblical interpretation but in actual fact are mere propaganda AGAINST God's commandments!

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