Defund Police? Critics say 'Think About the Consequences'

Defund Police? Critics say ‘Think About the Consequences’

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  1. Sounds good lets pull all law enforcement out of the liberal city's put a wall around them and let them fend for themselves just like they want and see how long they last ( the movie escape from new york ) !!!!

  2. That's how the police force started,only the rich could afford protection and the people could not so a nation wide police force was created, that's how it happened in the UK,what you do now will only land up to where we are at the moment,these people are stupid.

  3. Difficult times we live in, when police violate civil rights, constitutional rights, and brutalize citizens, they created this atmosphere of fear and mistrust, this is the result, the people have had enough

  4. Defunding the police is a joke. A country without laws and those who help enforce them is simply anarchy where those who can overpower others simply do whatever they want. Do you really want that for you and your family???

  5. Lady from what planet did you arrive where did you come from you must not have your feet on the ground do you because you were talking to it this is why you can because the police is protecting you bad apples are everywhere in blacks and wise and Chinese and Russian and don't make no difference and in every profession they are bad apples woman you you Living in a Dream Hood honey somewhere

  6. If you would like to see a criminal utopia, look watch the movie Robocop. Was that not a criminal's uptopia? Less cops, crime and drugs on the rise, and people will not want to work and those who end up in jail is out on bail . No consequences for the criminals. That is where we are heading. I do not know why that particular movie keeps popping up , but it must be for a reason. Total lawlessness.

  7. If I was in the police force in these cities we resign as of immediately no more cops you do not join these abuse terrorist the believe they won and will come back stronger next time do not make a mockry of God you all knew marching always ends up with this result

  8. The parents no longer teaching their children to respect authority, and how to obey law enforcement is the cause of unnecessary police force. Some people only have to be spoken to, some must be yelled at, and some you have to hit with a brick?

  9. Defunding the police is utter insanity and only CRIMINALS would ever want or support this!!!
    Another leftist attempt to undermine America!
    No one to protect law abiding, tax paying, community supporting US citizens against the dems voter base of anarchists!!! Yeah sounds great, time to get all the guns out and watch absolute CHAOS ensue!! Not gonna happen!

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