News on The 700 Club: June 8, 2020 | Defund the Police — FULL

As seen on “The 700 Club,” June 8, 2020.: Protesters demanding to defund the police and radical change. Plus, New York City enters phase 1 of its reopening and more.

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  1. We will become like Mexico. The cartel make people pay them on a weekly basis so they can protect them. If they don’t pay, they will kill them or some members of their family. I live near the border, I know what goes on.

  2. I don't see Black Lives Matter standing for aborted black babies. All they do is instigate vengeance. Justice will be served for George Floyd, but Police have to put up will criminals who are verbally and physically abusive, especially when high on drugs. It's a job I would never want. I wouldn't be surprised men and women not applying for Law Enforcement in the future. It's time to arm ourselves to protect ourselves and property.

  3. We need focus Jim Crow showing it, that blacks people white rhetoric teaching wash the outside of the cup and bowl inside of the cup robbery and sickness, so that we my walk in any store of choice not just black stores and white store any store equality for all

  4. What’s really on trial here is the Leftist ideology but the media is projecting the issue on the police.
    We all know there is always a few bad apples in the bushel. We don’t throw out the bushel for the few bad apples. So there are a few bad cops. What we should do is deal according with them and WHY THEY ARE THERE!
    Look at Minneapolis, MN, it’s a far left city. The Left runs the city but it has bad police officers on its force??? Look, the officer who murdered Floyd had documented issues in his rap sheet and the police chief let him stay on the force?
    Also, why did it take 6 days for far Left Minnesota AG Ellison to indict the officer(s) in question to Floyd’s death? Let’s face it the Left national media is using Floyd’s death to divert attention from failed leftist politicians and their garbage policies.
    I feel bad for all the people in Minneapolis St Paul area who are decent people and are now trapped because they own homes and businesses there. If the police are taken away who will want to buy their property if they want out once the terror of lawlessness takes over there?
    The only silver lining here will be Minneapolis, MN will serve as another example for the nation of the insanity of disbanding the police. We will see the carnage and get another inoculation of truth in how to avoid living in a insane world.🤔🇺🇸

  5. I thought they were letting all the prisoners out of prisons. Instead they’ll put Christians and patriots in. Lawlessness is what we have to look forward to. The scriptures do not lie. God help us to see the truth.

  6. You got bad people in the neighborhood you got bad people everywhere things happening not everybody sees I do I not even you I don't see what you see honey because there's waste of time for me to listen to you it doesn't make any sense this America got founded on Law & Order who wants to live in this place without that it will be chaos I don't know from what planet did you arise but it's certainly not from Earth no way no how that will happen

  7. Those are TV shows they are NOT real. I dont want to defund the police. But the TV shows you mentioned didnt suffocate a man. But something HAS to be done… I wish people would have listened and cared when people were just carrying signs saying Black Life Matter. Or taking a bended knee to draw attention to the injustice of Police abuse. Now here we are… Help me God Help us Jesus. Why is it somebody has to die for things to change or to start to communicate and possibly listen. So I'm not paid today so I guess I'll kill a black man. I'm from the Minneapolis area and this has been going on forever. May God has Mercy.

  8. It doesn't matter whether the funding is taken away or more is given. As long as a policeman is not walking in the LOVE of GOD. If they don't believe in Jesus. The People still have nothing. No matter how much training is given. There training is like a Joke. I am not a child.

  9. Time and time again in those old shows the sheriff is the leader of the bad guys. Time and time again when a bad cop kills someone there’s at least twenty so called good cops covering up for them. Just like the Catholic Church covers up for all those good pedophile Priests. Now we have a great president who just Gassed a peaceful protest. For a photo opt. The church of the deceiver that runs the 700 club has chosen to look the other way. A true Christian would let a sinner know of their sins even a president. Even more so they would let the followers know that a great injustice was done. They would let the President to make amends for holding up a Bible like he did it as a Christian. But a church of the deceiver would keep quiet about it.

  10. As a school bus driver I saw the same think for years. Out of 50 or more kids there were only 3 or 4 real trouble makers. The schools will not follow though on correcting them or removing them from the bus. So by spring time the 8 or 10 want-a-bes start to misbehave also. IF there was real consequences for the few bad apples, it would not involved more kids later in the school year.

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