Criminalization Crisis: From Lockdowns to George Floyd's Death, Your Freedom Is Seriously at Risk

Criminalization Crisis: From Lockdowns to George Floyd’s Death, Your Freedom Is Seriously at Risk SUBSCRIBE to the CBN News Channel for more: …



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  1. I don't support any racial organizations like KKK or BLM. I support the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the furtherance of His kingdom. The Lawless one is coming who will criticise law and order and sway the masses towards anarchy.

  2. Ok so now we have tooooooo many laws. So lets get rid of them, by doing so "crime" is practically gone. Then there is the justification of no need for police because "crime" is so low/gone. But in reality crime is rampant and millions of lives will be directly affected. See this is a political agenda with strategic maneuvering. Premeditated for a long long long long time. But we have ten laws that God gave us and we cant even uphold that, so yeah us upholding 300000 + laws in ridiculous. But thwy made so many laws on purpose to keep the country in constant distress. This is the result of a big government and the cohesion of a state governmemt. Mans laws are falliable. Gods laws are everlasting.

  3. It's about criminalization of people of color and the profiteering from them. It is slowly impacting all races. America wake up! I thank you Father because You are doing a new thing! You are correcting. You hear the cries of injustice! You are a just God!

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