Faith Nation: June 9, 2020

The final funeral for George Floyd. How civil rights leaders remembered the man whose death sparked a world wide movement. And the United States is officially in a recession. A look at how long it may last. Plus the fight for religious freedom …

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  1. Prayer to David Dorn, a good hard working black man who was murdered by another black man during the hype of the looting and protesting, his death was completely pushed to the side and ignored by the BLM propaganda movement and the big news media because it didn't fit their political race war agenda.


  2. I pray that the faith bases community will see the urgency for the preaching the gospel. Jesus is the only hope for change. Leonard Ravenhill said it best "this generation of preachers will be responsible for this generation of sinners".

  3. This last funeral for George, was more like a theatrical production and over the top. Humility could have taken the place of bright new cloths, the horse drawn hearse and the celebrity participation.

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