Missouri Missions Offering supports The Baptist Home, Shepherd’s Basket

JEFFERSON CITY – The Rheubin L. South Missouri Missions Offering supports 18 ministries in Missouri. This year’s theme is taken from 1 Chronicles 29:9 – “Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly, for with a whole heart they had offered freely to the Lord.”

Following are two short stories about how the gifts of Missouri Baptists support missions projects throughout the Show Me State.

Pastoral Care for the Aging

When senior adults enter The Baptist Home, their world is upended and they often experience anxiety. A campus pastor at each of the four Baptist Homes in Missouri helps new residents with the transition. He connects them back to their home churches while introducing them to worship services in their new home.

Aging is a challenge, especially for those with physical limitations, vision or hearing loss, and perhaps the loss of a spouse. Emotions can run high. - shop now!

Campus pastors preach in chapel services, lead Bible studies, pray with residents, and share the love of Christ. As a result, residents come to experience peace, acceptance, and new opportunities for worship. - shop now!

Pray for:

• Residents of The Baptist Home

• Campus pastors serving in four Baptist Homes across the state

Providing Food for Body and Soul

Baptist associations minister to churches and communities. The Mid-Missouri Baptist Association in Columbia supports a community food pantry, Shepherd’s Basket, located at Karis Church. Thirteen churches contribute volunteers, funds, and food. 

The ministry is open two days a week. Volunteers help distribute food, visit with those in need, and pray with those who seek assistance.

One person returned to say, “I’m not here for food. I just wanted to talk to the prayer partner.” The lady was homeless and volunteers helped her find a place to stay.

Ten percent of a church’s gifts to MMO are returned to that church’s association, which may use the funds for ministries like Shepherd’s Basket.

Pray for:

• People in need coming to Shepherd’s Basket

• Churches of the Mid-Missouri association as they minister through this food pantry

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