Michigan Pastor Quits over Pro-Trump Congregation

Keith Mannes, a Christian Reformed Church pastor from Holland, Mich., left the pulpit for good earlier this month because the congregation is pro-Trump.

“From the time he came down the escalator,” Mannes shared with the Holland Sentinel. “It’s only been building ever since. From the beginning, I thought there’s something about this man and the instrument that he is for a lot of things that are just very not Jesus.”

The turning point for Mannes who has been a pastor for 30 years came in the summer of 2017 in Charlottesville, Va., where Trump said there “were fine people on both sides” after violent protests. Trump did condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists and has continued to do so. Mannes also condemned Trump for taking a photo op with a Bible at St. John’s Church in June after protesters were tear-gassed by law enforcement. The church was vandalized with spray paint and was set on fire by rioters. Mannes said it was a “tremendous violation of something deep and holy.”

“It just floors me how church-going people who read the Bible and sing the hymns can show up at a (Trump) rally and just do that deep bellow like an angry mob supporting these horrible things that come out of his heart and his mind,” he said.

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The pastor also shared that Christian supporters have not held the president accountable for his actions over three-plus years.

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“It just began to trouble me so much that I am a pastor in this big enterprise.”

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