Missouri Baptist Historical Commission to offer scholarships for MBC universities

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Baptist Historical Commission is offering three $2,000 scholarships to current and future students at three Baptist universities: Missouri Baptist University, Hannibal-LaGrange University and Southwest Baptist University.  Those applying will fill out an application and write a research paper on some aspect of Missouri Baptist history.

Current high school seniors who are heading to one of the Baptist universities, as well as those currently enrolled in the three Baptist universities, are invited to apply. 

Historical Commission President David Updegrave, who is pastor at First Baptist Church, Wellington, told The Pathway that last year there were not any applicants for two of the three universities and the money was not utilized. One scholarship to a student at Missouri Baptist University was granted last spring. He said he hopes there will be more interest this year. 

In addition to the scholarship application, students will need to identify and research an area of Missouri Baptist history.  They will write a paper of approximately 5-10 pages in length, not including cover and citations pages. 

Guidelines say the paper does not have a specified topic to be covered, other than they expect it to be one of interest to Missouri Baptists.  They urge students to be creative in discovering Missouri Baptist Convention, Southwest Baptist University, Hannibal-LaGrange University or Missouri Baptist University history and sharing that history and insights learned in the paper. - shop now!

Updegrave said the Historical Commissioners believe “history is important.  And we want to maintain (a knowledge of) our history.  History repeats itself: good and bad.  A lot of neat stuff happens, and it disappears if no one is keeping track.” - shop now!

Scholarship applications are due by April 1 for awards made toward tuition in the fall semester of the same year.  The application and research paper documents must be mailed or e-mailed to the office of Carla Stegeman, Missouri Baptist Convention, 400 E. High St., Jefferson City, MO 65101 or

Updegrave said the Historical Commission thought this scholarship program is a great benefit for the students to help spur their interest in Missouri Baptist history.  The convention also agreed and the three universities have eagerly participated.  Fifty percent of the funding comes from the MBC Cooperative Program and the other half of the scholarships are provided by the participating universities. 

The scholarship applicants should be active members of a Missouri Baptist affiliated church, and they will need to have their pastor’s recommendation as well as their high school guidance counselor’s endorsement (if a high school senior). 

If awarded a scholarship and the student decides not to attend the chosen university, the Historical Commission reserves the right to reallocate the scholarship to another student or not award the scholarship.  The Commission reserves the right to publish or disseminate the paper or portions of it at their discretion. 

The paper writing guidelines and application for the scholarships are available at the Historical Commission website: or by contacting Carla Stegeman at the MBC offices: e-mail or call 800-736-6227 ext. 301.

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