Baptist churches encouraged to recognize Missouri Disaster Relief volunteers, May 16

JEFFERSON CITY – Churches are being encouraged to have a time of recognition of Disaster Relief volunteers in their worship services May 16.

Gaylon Moss, MBC Disaster Relief (DR) director, said he hopes churches will set aside time to show appreciation for those in their churches who are trained and have responded to disasters.  Volunteers could wear their DR gold and blue shirts and hats in the services. Churches could show a video of John Yeats, MBC executive director thanking them for their service (which is available on the MBC DR website).

There will also be bulletin inserts and other promotional materials available on the MBC DR website, which is  They will be sending a postcard reminder to all MBC-affiliated churches in late March.

Yeats commented, “We want to show our gratitude for the volunteers who participate in our Disaster Relief organization. Our volunteers are known all over the nation and all over the world for their can-do attitudes and their servant hearts in the middle of challenging circumstances.”

He added, if May 16 does not work for a church, select another day in May to do this recognition. - shop now!

Life changing decisions are made when people volunteer to help in times of disasters. - shop now!

The MBC DR office received word on March 15 that two people had responded to the gospel and prayed to receive Christ with some DR volunteers in Kentucky where they are working to help with flood relief.  A team of Missourians were there helping the Kentucky Baptist DR groups.

At a recent training event for DR volunteers in Hannibal, a volunteer shared his story of getting involved in DR work in 2016. Since that time he has been able to go on 26 disaster relief call-outs.  Ron Mayes, of New Hope Baptist Church, Elsberry, in the Twin Rivers Baptist Association, said it is a joy to be able to help people in need.

“I learn and grow and I am able to help people more” he said.  “I would hope if I got in a bad fix, you were someone that would come help me.

Mayes said his top priority on a call-out is to help people with spiritual matters.  “I try to take time to get off to the side with people and talk to them about their relationship with Jesus Christ.  I kind of try to be a sounding board, plant a seed.” 

He said he thought it worthwhile to honor Disaster Relief volunteers.

Mayes related that at New Hope Baptist Church they have put a fund in their church missions budget so that those who go on DR call-outs may have their expenses paid for as they travel to help out with disasters. He hopes MBC churches will see the importance of these volunteers and have a time of recognition for them.

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