Missouri Disaster Relief volunteers bring help, hope to Louisiana

LAKE CHARLES, La. – Missouri Disaster Relief volunteers in early June brought help and hope to Louisiana residents faced with flood damage because of torrential rainfall in the area last month. It was reported that they had 20 inches of rainfall in two hours, which set new weather records.

The Missouri DR team was doing mud out work and had completed jobs on two homes halfway through their week of work. The homes had nine rooms and many walls. Several personal items were damaged.

John Mohler, the “blue hat” supervisor of the team is the pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and Union Baptist Church, both located near Norborne. Mohler said they have talked to a couple of people about the Lord. They shared and planted seeds for the gospel. He added, “We hear their stories and try to encourage each other.”

Speaking with local news station KPLC, Mohler said, “My team got down here on Monday evening (May 31). We’re just here to help the people get back to some kind of normalcy and rebuild their lives after the multiple storms that have impacted this area by helping clean out their houses.”

Mohler added, “It is a blessing for me to be able to come down and to serve, you know, there are days when all of us need a hand. When we work together, you make light work, if you know, we have a crew of 10 people come down, you work 10 hours, one day, you’ve done 40 hours, or you know, several hours of work there. And so you get a lot done.” - shop now!

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