Operation Blessing Aids Victims of Violence, Refugees in Myanmar

The growing death toll since the military takeover in Myanmar has risen to more than 8, with some 4,500 injured as confirmed by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners monitoring group.

Myanmar’s military and police forces have opened fire on protesters armed with mere sticks and slingshots, often killing innocent civilians including children. In a surveillance video that went viral, soldiers are seen shooting randomly at three young men, killing one of them. 

In the midst of all this military crackdown, the ousted civilian government formed the National Unity Government. Most of its members are under arrest or in hiding. 

A majority of the people of Myanmar are hoping that leaders of democratic countries and international communities around the world will recognize it to be the rightful government. And by doing so, stop the Myanmar military from killing their own people.

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Soe Myint, not his real name, recounts the day he joined the protests. 

“At that time I had two shields. I moved to the front to protect others. But someone fired at me. I was hit in my hand and the bullet also hit my chest. Some people beside me were also shot and one died instantly,” Soe Myint told CBN News.

Myint helps his widowed mother take care of their family. He needed multiple surgeries on his wounded hand in order to use it again. The Christian church in his village sought the help of the Operation Blessing staff. They took Myint to a hospital and took care of the surgeries he needed.  

“I praise God for the many blessings that He grants me. This is the first time I experience so much care. I extend my heartfelt thanks to God for saving my life and everyone for helping and taking care of me during my healing process,” he said. 

Unfortunately, shooting victims like Myint can’t go back home because the military will arrest them. So they flee, like thousands of other families, who now must live in the jungle.

Village leader Uy Aye Chit said he feels the pain of the parents when their children are crying because they are hungry. 

“We don’t know where to get food and clean water. We live in fear. Fighter jets fly over our heads every day. We cannot use the light at night because the military might see us,” he added. 

To alleviate the miserable living conditions of the refugees, a team from Operation Blessing risked arrest and traveled through rough terrain and rivers to provide them with food, hygiene kits, medicine, and other basic needs.  

The village leader thanked the non-profit charity relief organization on behalf of the refugees. 

“Your support means a lot to us such as the rice, salt, oil, and the roof protection is very important during this rainy season. I thank Operation Blessing for coming to provide our needs in this difficult time,” he said. 

The Operation Blessing team is asking for prayers as they continue to provide relief to internally displaced persons in the conflict areas in Myanmar. 

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