Planting seeds in Kids Camp

This month, I am working with Christ Church in Windsor, Colo. Christ Church hosted a Kids Camp for the kids in the community. This camp was set up like a Vacation Bible School, but they called it Kids Camp to appeal to the community.

I had the opportunity to lead the K5-2nd grade group at the Kids Camp. Every day, the kids went to the Bible station, where they heard Bible stories and got to hear the gospel.

Children pray during a Kids Camp in Windsor, Colo. (Go Now Missions)

On the first day, during Bible station, the kids were asked if they had ever seen a Bible. About half of the kids in my group said they had never seen the Bible before. Then, on the last day of camp, the kids heard the gospel presented. For some of the kids in my group, this was also their first time hearing the gospel. Also, on the last day of camp, the kids had the opportunity to pray to receive Christ.

Now, I don’t know if any of the kids in my group accepted Christ into their hearts that day, but I do know they left knowing the gospel and getting to see a Bible. That is a big win! Now every kid in my group has at least seen the Bible and heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Praise God!

Paige Harris, a student at the University of Texas-Arlington, is serving in Loveland, Colo., with Go Now Missions.

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